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World's leading Motor Carbon Capture Filter

Your commute doesn't have  to pollute.


A Pure-O Product

"Your commute doesn't have to pollute"

Eco-Xhaust is a Co2 filter that's attached to the exhaust pipe of your car. When driving, the Co2 that is released from your car will go through your filter and be absorbed by the Co2 pellets held in the Eco-Xhaust. The Soda-Lime in the fliter turns from white to violet when it is ready to be changed out.



Clamp your Eco-Xhaust onto your exhaust pipe

Screw in your filter to the tailpipe

Now, you are ready to drive without polluting

How it works

Easy to Install

Attached the Eco-Xhaust to the exhaust pipe of your car with the clamp attached to the product

Our App

Color changing Soda-Lime

and push notifications from our app will remind you when its time to change out your Soda-lime


Your are making a change with each mile you drive


Elegant yet simple, the Eco-Xhaust

Tax Return

Your filter is able to be put on tax return. 

Our Soda Lime

Our Soda-Lime is carefully curated to absorb even the biggest Co2 releaser

The Future is Pure-O


Our App

With the Pure-O App you are able to track when your Soda-Lime needs to be removed and replaced with new Soda-Lime pellets.

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